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Borehole Maintenance

We specialize in general Borehole Maintenance. We offer an additional service, over and above cleaning and existing boreholes. Boreholes are not just to be drilled and forgotten. They do like many things need to be kept in good shape in the form of maintenance. This does not need to be anything serious or massive and a few simple things can keep your borehole in good condition for years and years, Borehole head.

He head is sometimes iron or steel and if this is not galvanized metal it will corrode which can damage the top of the borehole and damage anything close to the top of the borehole. Keep this coated in oil or spray some galvanizing spray on it to stop corrosion from setting it. This is nice and simple and something you can do yourself. If you have a plastic liner and head then you do not need to worry about corrosion. Just keep the top clean by using some warm washing up liquid.

  • Borehole Pump.
  • Borehole Filtration.
  • Borehole Flow.

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